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New OverPrime Footage!

The OverPrime team recently released new footage of an internal version of the game. We can’t play this version of the game yet, but the gameplay looks stunning! In the footage we watch a Murdock player get some kills around the map and we were able to see updates to the HUD.

Did you notice the new character they added?
The graphics are absolutely amazing.

You can check out the full video here.

In addition to this gameplay footage, the OverPrime team also announced an upcoming exhibition match between the developers and the moderators of their Discord server. The match will also take place using this new version of the game. They will live stream the event. Unfortunately, they haven’t provided a date just yet.

Looks like OverPrime was able to steal some of the hype away from Predecessor. Fault has to step up their game because it looks like their new HUD update won’t be enough to keep up with the other two Paragon successors.

Stay tuned and I’ll see you all out on the Monolith!

The Big Three: Fault, Overprime, and Predecessor

So we’ve got three main successors to Paragon: Fault, Overprime, and Predecessor. There may be more competitors in the future, but as of now (Nov. 2020), this is what we’ve got. Here’s a basic overview of each game and whether they are playable or not.


Fault is the Paragon successor that is the most accessible and has the highest current player base of the Big Three averaging at about 250 players at all times with about 400 players during peak hours. Fault is also the only one on steam right now in early access.

Fault has the most interaction with the community by the devs and constantly pushes updates fixing bugs and adding new playable characters (18 as of now!).

Catch me playing with the best of the best in master silver elo.

You can find Fault here.


Next on the list, we have Overprime. Currently, Overprime is playable, but it is not on steam (yet). Overprime looks amazing and feels great so far. This game actually has two different maps to play on including the original Paragon Monolith map!

Overprime has a small, but dedicated player base and if you’re in Europe, you’re especially in luck. They also have the largest list of playable characters: 20 as of today! You can only download the game through their website. They are currently directing all of their resources towards working on the steam release. No solid date has been given except SoonTM, so keep a look out for the steam update!


Ahh Predecessor, last but not least. Predecessor arguably has the largest amount of hype (and funding by what I’ve read). Predecessor is currently unplayable, but hosts Alpha tests every few months or so. Luckily I was able to check it out.

Predecessor definitely felt the smoothest and most optimized out of the three so far. Many people had issues with the low time to kill, but I was comfortable with that as a league of legends of player. The pace of the game felt much quicker than the other two and the minion AI was my favorite by far. I only got about 6 hours of gameplay, but this game has me absolutely hyped. The website is pretty barebones, but you can access their pretty active Discord from there too for more information on the game.

Hope you all enjoyed! Look forward to seeing some of you in game, whichever one it may be!