Fault vs Predecessor

Welcome back everyone! Today, I’ll be comparing two of the Big Three of the Paragon successors: Fault and Predecessor. Keep in mind, I have played a lot more Fault than Predecessor (obvious reasons), so these opinions may be changed either way with more updates and the full release of Predecessor.

So here’s how it’ll go down. I’m going to separate each section into major categories and then they’ll be further broken up into small subcategories. Let us begin.

Before you ask, it’s Hajime no Ippo


I want to start off with arguably the least important category: graphics. The graphics in both games are absolutely stunning, especially at the highest settings.

This may be more subjective, but I am going to have to give the edge to Predecessor mostly because the game still looks great at lower settings. Fault at minimum settings looks a lot worse and I’m honestly a lover good looking water. I know that’s not important to some, but it matters to me. I’ll post sets of pictures from both games at max graphics below, and you can decide if I’m crazy or not.


So here’s where I’ll start separating these into smaller categories

Overall Gameplay Feeling

Fault Pros:

  • Recently Improved Minion A.I.
    • Helped make ranged vs melee more doable
  • Slower Game Pace (If you like that)
  • Feels well balanced normally, and gets fixed quickly when it’s not
  • The Aspect system (Like Keystones from LoL) is awesome

Predecessor Pros:

  • Greatly Optimized on PC (easier to run at higher graphics and smoother movement)
  • Faster Game Pace
  • Games end and never went past 40 minutes
  • Better minion A.I. for farming
    • Minions do smaller amounts of damage, instead of higher amounts, but more frequently, making it more realistic to farm
  • Generally cleaner animations and movement

Item Variety

I’ll keep this one short, Fault easily wins out on this with a lot more items to choose from and allows for more variety between characters and builds.

Fault item list: here

Predecessor item list: (Need to find one in text form), but here’s a YouTube video of someone reading them all.


As I mentioned above, both games have pros with their minion A.I., but what about other smaller interactions?

As Predecessor has a much shorter TTK, you really cannot mess up in lane, or you’ll be forced to back earlier. You’ll be heavily punished for messing up (think like in League of Legends). Predecessor does not give you wards automatically like Fault, so you have to make an investment in wards to get vision of the jungle.

Predecessor feels great to get a solo kill in lane in, but Fault it is much more rewarding as you’ll have to slowly beat them down. When you finally get that kill, you feel really accomplished.

I’m torn between which one I like more, but I may have to give it to Fault because I feel that skill expression can shine more when laning.

Overall Enjoyment

Personally, I enjoyed Predecessor much more than Fault, but it seems that a group of people that swear by Fault exists. So, you’ll have to play both to form your own opinions. Predecessor has just about everything I look for in a game in an alpha/beta phase, but I do wish they added more characters to try. That’s just temporary, but Fault does have the edge on that side of things.

I’ll be doing another one of these comparisons in the future after some Fault updates and hopefully after at least another Alpha/Beta for Predecessor. I’ll be on the look out for more info on both, so make sure you visit me here again!

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